Dough Bowl Candles

Dough Bowl Candles

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Specialty candles using beeswax and dough bowls.

These beautiful candles are beautiful when lit and can be reused as a fruit bowl when the wax is gone.

Lined with a fire retardant spray , these candles are made using a wick to reduce fire hazard and injury.

As with all candles, please do not leave candles unattended and ensure you follow proper use instructions as adhered to your products.

Due to the handcrafted nature of our dough bowls, there will be slight differences in size, shape and color of each bowl. Wicks must be trimmed prior to use and should not be burned no longer than 4 hours at one time. 

Once wax has been used, your dough bowl can be used as a accent piece or returned for a refill.

To remove wax from dough bowl, place bowl in freezer and wait for wax to contract - once loosened, the wax should be easily removed from the dough bowl.

Available sizes:

9" oval

11" oval

9" rectangular